Sewage Treatment


Balmoral Tanks is a leading European design and manufacturing company that has worked successfully with the self-build and renovation markets for many years. Its class-leading products are manufactured solely in the UK and all components are sourced where possible from UK producers.

Septic Tanks

Solids and liquids separate in a septic tank with the liquids receiving minimum biological treatment. The liquid in the centre of the tank is discharged via an outlet before passing through a soakaway system which must be installed to national standards. The solids that gather at the bottom of the tank must be emptied regularly to prevent overflow and potential soakaway damage.

Sewage treatment plant

So-called because these products bring together all the requirements to treat wastewater to a high standard within a single pre-fabricated system. Generally consisting of a two or three chamber treatment process, effluent is treated aerobically, ie, using oxygen, to such a standard that it is usually acceptable to discharge directly into watercourse.

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McGrath Quarries is one of the leading producers of construction and agricultural products in the mid-west region and continues to grow and develop.

Sewage Treatment Tanks

Following rigorous testing at the Institute for Wastewater Technology (PIA Gmbh) in Germany, McGraths Precast Concrete Ltd has been awardedIreland’s first CEN Certificate for a Precast concrete septic tank in accordance with EN 12566-1. The CEN standard, also adopted by the NSAI, specifies a range of requirements and test methods in relation to septic tank design and performance; specifically water-tightness, capacity, hydraulic efficiency and structural behaviour, and acts as a benchmark for systems throughout Ireland and across Europe.

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